Melbourne Victory

Lawrence Thomas - 5

Saw Orsic’s free-kick very late and his reactions were delayed. victim of poor marking from the corner as the Austrian defender Windbichler scored. Thomas way too far off his line as Orsic put them a goal ahead once again with a curling strike from outside the box. Came out to deny Junior Negão from a certain goal scoring chance.

James Donachie - 6

Seemed more composed playing out of defence considering Ulsan sat back as expected. Donachie had more time on the ball but should have offloaded earlier, putting himself under unnecessary pressure.

Rhys Williams - 6.5

Williams could dictate tempo with his control of the ball with the space and time Ulsan offered. Marshalled the tricky Jong Il-Su with intelligence. Scored the third equaliser of the match with a spectacular header after going behind again.

Jason Geria - 5.5

Going forward the one-time Socceroo was intelligent breaking forth in the first half to set up a shot for Berisha. Ulsan focused many of their attacks down his flank but was exposed at the corner by losing Richard Windbichler at the corner for which he scored Ulsan’s second.

Leigh Broxham - 6

Not troubled all too much throughout the match however he offered very little login forward. Hard to blame him for this considering he is naturally a defensive minded player although he struggled against the faster wingers.