Glory got their third win of the season in a controversial 3-1 triumph over Melbourne City away on Friday night.

The main talking point of the night was Osama Malik’s red card in the 41st minute after the VAR intervened when his studs landed on 16-year-old Jacob Italiano after the ball was put out of play.

It was not picked up by referee Daniel Elder originally, however after a lengthy review, he dished out a red card and penalty which was subsequently converted by Xavi Torres to put Perth up 2-1.

Despite getting a helping hand because of the VAR, Lowe hinted he was no fan of the system.

“I like going out with my mates and arguing, that black was white and white was black because it brings something,” Lowe said.

“Don’t make it clinical, don’t get rid of the romance, don’t get rid of the things that make the game.

“You want talking points, you don’t want it sterile and at the moment, I don’t think it’s clinical enough.

“You’ve got someone fallible on the pitch waiting for someone upstairs who is also fallible so you’ve got double jeopardy, seems like a crazy thing to do.

“It’s like getting married and marrying another bird and not telling the first one, you’re always going to be in trouble aren’t you?”

Lowe also said the VAR has far too much focus on picking out refereeing errors and has failed to judge incidents properly.

“I think the way they view it is that they’re looking to see if ref has made a howler, they’re not looking to see whether it’s a pen and I think if it’s a pen, then it’s a pen,” he said.

“What you’re doing is judging the ref and not the incident, so if you’re going to use it, judge the incident, that’s the way I see it.

“People don’t look at the incident anymore. It’s emotion, it’s not a pen, it’s not a sending off, it’s the VAR. All of a sudden it’s a different context and you have different feelings about it.

“I’ve seen them given and seen them not given. I thought it was a bit tough for a red.”

City coach Warren Joyce said it was a waste of time talking about refereeing decisions and felt he could get in trouble talking about the incident.

However the City boss admitted it took too long to review decisions.

“It’s a weird one, there’s got to be something a bit more instant,” Joyce said.

“I honestly don’t want to get into it because it’s the rule isn’t it, you’re doing it and you’re trying it out. I think it’s plain to see the problems.”