Glory went 2-1 up after winning a controversial penalty from the VAR which adjudicated that Jacob Italiano had been tackled late by Osama Malik inside the box. Malik was also sent off for the incident.

“I’m a long way away,” Lowe told Fox Sports.

“I’m screaming for a pen, thinking there’s no chance. He gives a pen and sends him off, I think that’s a toughie.

“Who’d be a ref? I don’t know what’s a worse job, the ref or the bloke in the VAR. it’s difficult for both of them.”

Nichols put in a mountain of work in midfield for Glory and opened the scoring with a deflected strike.

“I think it was a bit of a lucky call our way for the second goal,” Nichols said.

“We’ll take that. It’s been going against us this year.”

Meanwhile, Lowe made history by becoming the first coach to earn a yellow card after losing control on the sidelines.

Lowe was frustrated when Glory weren’t allowed to replace the injured Andy Keogh before City won the free-kick which led to their first goal to make it 1-1.

“I thought, our player was on the floor, (the referee) could’ve allowed us to get on the field to look at the player,” Lowe said.

“At the end of the day I can’t be booting stuff around. I said last time I wouldn’t do it.”

City boss Warren Joyce refused to discuss the referees when speaking to Fox Sports.

Glory moves up to fourth with the win, while City remain third.