After last week’s display it was already the End of Days for Manny Muscat and Iacopo La Rocca’s time in the starting line-up, with City switching to a back three which included Osama Malik, Bart Schenkeveld and Michael Jakobsen. Nick Fitzgerald and Scott Jamieson to provide the width up and down

For Glory it was the lack of attacking power that concerned them and whether they could make a Deep Impact without Castro, Taggart and the supporting crew. Add to that the five games in the opening eight rounds that Glory was on the road and they’d clocked up more miles than Mad Max.

So, who did their best impression of The Terminator, and who was more like an extra from World War Z?


Eugene Galekovic – 5 - Couldn’t do much for any of Glory’s goals. Had a better week than last but six goals in two games is a concern for the men in front of him.

Bart Schenkeveld – 6.5 - Frustrating night for the Dutchman. Tried to motivate his team-mates from the back but couldn’t do much from deep.

Osama Malik – 5.5 - Didn’t quite find his rhythm and was unceremoniously given a straight red card after a VAR Review by the referee, which also resulted in a penalty that put Glory back into the lead.

Michael Jakobsen – 6 - Copped a knee to the back from his own keeper in the first half but didn’t effect his physicality. Changed positions a few times and even received the ball on the edge of the box a few times. Has had better games.