Founded in 2017, four of the Sydney Street Crew's rising stars (Junior Tbe Mushaba, Daniel Khodani, Zayne Gray and founder Tomislav Bazdaric) are showing their hunger to offer something unique to the game which they believe needs an injection of life.

The group perfectly encapsulates the ever-changing and evolving nature of the game with an immensely diverse roster of all cultures including Croatian, Ukrainian, African and Chilean Australians.

They brought with them many incredible stories that typify the enthusiasm of young footballers as Bazdaric explains how the ‘Street Crew’ was born.

“Whenever I visit family in Croatia, the fields are open. You play until the morning, but when we come back to Sydney, there’s nothing," he said. "Where do you find young kids playing in the streets anymore?

“I didn’t want to wait around anymore. I was playing in a national tournament in Adelaide and sat on the bench the whole time and simply thought, 'I’m going to make a street football team and see if it catches on'.”

Luckily for Bazdaric, it did. Within a few months the Sydney Street Crew had recruited eleven young and hungry street footballers sharing a common goal towards the advancement of the game.

It culminated in their invitation to join the Adidas Tango League in March 2017.

“A spot wasn’t guaranteed and these events are huge in Europe," Bazdaric said. "I was sending three emails a day until they finally said yes. Our team had only been together for three weeks and it was a scrap to get the players we needed, but, we couldn’t let the opportunity slip.

“We entered the tournament and made it to the final and it was a great taste of what was to come and we wanted more.”