One of the things I’ve realised after playing ten years in the W-League is that football is part of my soul.

It’s given me the highest highs and the lowest lows and everything in between and it’s still by my side no matter what. I’m going to ride the wave as far as I can.

I’ve got my teaching career and that will be there forever. But with football I know I can’t play forever so I just want to cherish it as long as I can.

Me and my twin sister Susy started playing soccer when we were six-years-old. I went on with it, but Susy really wasn’t interested. I naturally took to football for some reason. I’d get in there amongst it while she would prance around and wave at dad.

Starting very young was huge. It helped that I was also playing with my older brother. We were just both obsessed with football. At home we’d be at the backyard playing one on one’s and it was just not stop. I’d get home from games and still get the ball and kick it against the brick wall. I was just so obsessed it was something I loved to do.

The Dawn of the W-League

I made my debut at 17 for Central Coast. It was the first season of the W-League and at the time it felt like the dawn of women's football in this country. It’s the tenth season of the W-League now and it’s crazy. I ask myself where has all that time gone?  When the W-League started a lot of the Sydney born players had no choice which team they could join and that is when I stared with Central Coast Mariners for first two seasons.

Photo credit: Steve Dimitriadis

But I’m  a Sydney girl and even though I was with the Mariners I didn’t care. I just wanted to be part of this new exciting journey. And it’s what we needed as a country. I was really happy to be part of the W-League when it started. I wanted to take my chances and be part of it long term-which I am lucky enough to have done that.

Playing for Sydney FC

It's big club to be  a part of, we are a very successful club all round,  it’s a huge honour to be part of Sydney FC, it’s my home club. It’s a club I followed from the beginning. Who doesn’t want to play for a quality side? It’s a huge honour.