The AFL Commission approved a recommendation from the AFL Executive that extra time would be played for all finals, including the AFL Grand Final.

- If scores are tied at the end of normal time, there will be two periods of additional time played of five minutes each way, plus time-on. Teams will have a new rotation cap of 15 interchanges.

- If scores remain tied at the end of additional time, the siren will NOT be sounded and play will continue until the next score has been confirmed. The siren will then immediately sound to end the match.

The AFL removed replays for drawn finals, except the Grand Final, in 1991 and has played extra time in two finals across the last 25 seasons.

The 2010 Grand Final between Collingwood and St Kilda was drawn and the Commission decided earlier this year it would no longer replay the Grand Final, due to the potential serious disadvantage for a travelling team in the national competition.

“If the circumstances were ever to apply that scores were tied after extra time with a post-siren shot at goal, with the siren having sounded, in this circumstance the ball would immediately be returned to the centre square with no break and play would immediately resume with a centre bounce,” he said.

“The players would be told the next score wins the game and the siren would sound immediately after confirmation of the next score.”