AFL Edge uses audio to detect a football hitting a goal post via multiple microphones placed within each goal post which is then included in the Hawk-Eye system as an embedded video feed.

The audio from the microphones will be synchronised with the existing Hawk-Eye video feeds and displayed as a wave form to determine if a football has hit a goal post.

If in the situation that there is a player in the vicinity of the post and the possibility of the microphone spike being created by the player and not the ball, the Score Review Officer will determine whether the acoustic signal aligns with the football moving past the post.

DrinkWise Chief Executive Officer Simon Strahan said DrinkWise’s presence on the Score Review Board helps drive awareness and education to the football community about the importance of drinking in moderation.

"The new AFL Edge technology will allow Score Review Officers conclusive evidence of slight touches of the posts, that would previously be unidentifiable from camera angles alone," said Strahan.

Edge Technology will be available at all Category One & Category Two venues where goal post cameras are installed.