The Tigers skipper, along with Brandon Ellis, were cleared by the AFL Match Review Panel on Monday. 

Cotchin was in hot water over a bump on Greater Western Sydney's Dylan Shiel in the Preliminary Final at the MCG on Saturday.

However, the panel found that the first-quarter incident was not worthy of a ban, despite Shiel missing the rest of the game due to concussion from the bump.

The panel said: "The ball is loose between Cotchin and Shiel. Both players are seeking to win possession and are coming towards each other from right angles. Cotchin moves down low and braces for contact as Shiel approaches to pick up the ball.

"It was the view of the panel that Cotchin was seeking to win possession as his line of direction was always towards the ball and not his opponent. The panel determined that Cotchin was seeking to contest the ball and therefore contact was not unreasonable in the circumstances. No further action was taken."

As for Ellis, he was also cleared after a bump on Lachie Whitfield late in the game. 

The panel said: "The ball was loose with both players coming to the contest. Ellis runs through the line of the ball and seeks to win possession as Whitfield approaches the contest. Ellis braces for contact with Whitfield and high contact is made to the Giants' player. It was the view of the panel that Ellis was contesting the ball and no further action was taken."