Hurley looks the most certain to be available after battling a calf injury in the last two rounds of the year.

But Fantasia (hamstring) will have to run at full pace at training on Wednesday with Hooker Hooker (bone bruising) needing to show he has overcome his complaint to be deemed fit to take part in Saturday's clash at the SCG.

"The big test is tomorrow,” coach John Worsfold said on Tuesday.

“They're tracking pretty well and they're doing what they're told to do. That's the big test tomorrow that they need to hit top speed, and tick off the boxes that we need to see from them.

"Then we'll be able to make the call. Hooker's probably a little bit different, because his injury's a bit different, so exactly what he'll do tomorrow I'll be guided by the high performance staff.

“My expectation at the moment is that all three will be right to go, and if anything changes between now and then, and one of them breaks down at training, then we won't name them. We're not going to hide that tomorrow," he said.

Fantasia hasn't played since round 20.

The Bombers are taking part in their first finals series in three years after coming last in 2016.