His teammates said tonight they were let down by Thomas's decision to consume alcohol the night before a training session and less than 48 hours before a game.

Thomas accepted the sanction and acknowledged he had "contradicted the elite standards of the football club and what is expected of himself and his teammates".

He also admitted spilling a drink on former teammate Robbie Warnock but insisted it was accidental and that he immediately apologised, which was accepted by Warnock, said Carlton.

“My decision to have a drink on Friday night was a poor one, especially given the week after fronting the tribunal,” Thomas said tonight.

“I let my guard down at the event and this is not an excuse in any way, clearly I need to be better.

“I want to make it clear that this is not a reflection of my character and in hindsight I understand the impact the choice I made can have on our group.

“My role as an experienced player at our football club is one that I value enormously and I look forward to hopefully earning my way back into the senior side.”

Carlton Head of Football Brad Lloyd said the club would support Thomas as he tries to win over his teammates again.

“Dale simply made a bad decision, which he has acknowledged and completely understands the disappointment expressed by his teammates,” Lloyd said.

“The sanction imposed is based solely on the standards the playing group are driving and will continue to do so.

“Dale will no doubt do everything he possibly can to make himself available for selection next week.”