Fairfax reports Immigration Minister Peter Dutton amended the Migration Act on Monday to keep Shane Martin and others from returning to Australia.

The change came in anticipation of an appeal on Wednesday which was won by two men after Dutton was found to have wrongfully ordered them out of Australia after they were accused of having links to a bikie gang.

The court ordered the Government to pay the pair's legal costs.

The amendment means any other visa cancellations ordered by Dutton will stand.

"He (Shane Martin) should have thought about the consequences of his actions on his family and the victims of crimes at the time of his offending. This amendment ensures that people who are outlaw motorcycle gang members, organised criminals and threats to national security cannot stay in Australia," a statement from Mr Dutton’s stated to Fairfax.

Dutton told Triple M on Thursday morning:

"He's not coming back, no.”

"I feel for the Martin family in the circumstances but I've got to take into consideration not only those people that have been victims of crimes committed by outlaw motorcycle gang members and those associated with them but also the future impact, that is we want to try and reduce crime."