Former Essendon coach and two-time AFL Premiership-winner Hird was rushed to hospital Wednesday night after overdosing on an unknown substance.

The overdose follows a trying few years for the 43-year-old following the supplements saga which unravelled while he was in charge at the Bombers.

Grant took a massive swipe at the AFL’s lack of support for the former favourite son at a time when he needs it most.

"I like the way the AFL have come out with a statement of support and concern for James - NOT! Notably absent," Thomas tweeted on Saturday.

"The story here is not the terribly unfortunate situation James finds himself in - it's the actions of those that put him there. Guilt ridden.

"Time for the AFL to provide some very factual, truthful 'yes' or 'no' answers to some simple questions that remain unanswered. Brand is secondary.

"There is one reason AFL has not commented, one reason alone; it's called hypocrisy. They are perplexed about supporting a guy they nailed to cross.

"Polo, couta boat racing, wineries, horse racing, cricket, tennis - there is plenty on to keep the (AFL) execs busy."

Hird is understood to be recovering at a health facility.