Jones proclaimed to Clyne he and the board should immediately resign for inadequately leading the game.

“I put to you that the people on the board of Australian Rugby aren’t qualified to do that job. I think quite frankly most of you know bugger all about the game and how to get results,” Jones said on 2GB on Wednesday.

“Could you explain firstly to me and then everybody else what are the credentials of those people on the board of Australian Rugby, including yourself, to be determining the future and direction of Super Rugby?”

An Australian Super Rugby team will be cut from the competition, reportedly the Western Force, which Clyne said would free up money to invest in grass roots.

Jones unloaded on Clyne stating the game should never have installed five Australian teams in the first place.

“Who increased it from 15 to 18 (teams)? You’ve made a wrong decision. Why don’t you all resign?”

Clyne responded: "The 18 teams did not have an impact on us dropping this team. This has been a financial issue for 10 years." 

Jones then sunk the knife with damning statistics of the code’s decline.

"You constantly told us you were going to ignite Australia's passion," Jones said. "Since 2003, you've not won a Bledisloe Cup. Since 2003, you've not beaten the British and Irish Lions. Since 2003, you haven't won a World Cup. Since 2003 you haven't won an under-20 World Championship. We've won eight out of 31 games in Super Rugby and none out of 12 against New Zealand. 

"Now your product is flawed, that's why you can't pay your way. Since 2007, this crowd have spent $777 million. What've we got to show for it?

"You people pretend there isn't a problem and you keep going on. You've presided over failure, why don't you move on and let someone else have a go?"