In the current issue of Inside Sport magazine, Olympic Gold medal hopefuls and siblings Emma and David Mckeon, give an insight into the family-tight bond that runs through their blood, that’s now running through a once broken Aussie swim team.

The McKeon’s will become the first brother sister duo to make and Australian Olympic Swim team since John and Ilsa Konrads back in 1960. Plus, when you add sisterly duo Cate and Bronte Campbell and power couple Emily Seebohm and Mitch Larkin, it is starting to create a family like atmosphere, reminiscent of the Aussie Swim team when it was at its peak in the early 2000’s.

David Mckeon David Mckeon

A broken team after the disaster at the London Olympics, David Mckeon opens up to IS, about how the influence of Ian Thorpe and controversial figure Grant Hackett have helped the team rebound from 2012. “Talks from individuals that have been part of the Australian team – we had some great talks from Ian Thorpe; he’s been a great role model for the whole team.

People, probably, won’t give him (Hackett) credit because he didn’t make the team this year, but I think he has a lot of credit to how the team will perform.” David said.

Emma Mckeon Emma Mckeon

Emma believes that the Rio Swim team can go back to gold medal finishes and smashing guitars, because of the family bond between all the athletes on the team. “We’ve all come along the same path, so we’re all pretty close. That’s what is going to make everyone successful, because you’re going to feel comfortable on the team, at home on the team. We are away for such a long time, so it’s almost going to be like our family travelling.”

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