Brad Scott has signed a two-year extension with North Melbourne.

Speculation was rife the mentor would head to the Gold Coast due to tensions within the club.

Scott’s new deal will see him notch a decade at the Kangaroos.

“The media speculation was out of control. A lot of people was telling me what I was doing and there was only one person who could answer that question, and that was me,” Scott said.

“I was certainly not keen to explore any other options, it was purely to work out if I was the best fit for North Melbourne and as soon as the club came to that conclusion, it very quickly got to this result.”

Scott said the club was in a “great position” despite winning just six games this season.

“I said right from the outset that I’m fully committed to North Melbourne," he said.

“I’ve been extremely impressed by the way the club has stuck to the strategy this year through periods of adversity. The football club has been rock solid this year.

“Every leader needs to examine their position on a regular basis and I said throughout the year we would need to do that, and I would need a level of comfort that the football club had all the options on the table for the next few years.

“Right from the outset I said if they came to the conclusion that that’s me, then this is where I’ll be.”