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Join the Inside Sport crew plus regular guests as they wade through the biggest NRL news, opinion, and match dissections.

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Episode #82 (20 Aug 2019): 3x10 - Todd Carney Interview (23:22 min, 21.9 MB)
The former NRL star joins us to chat about his book "Hard Truth". Carney also shares his fondest memories from his playing career... including being shared down by Willie Mason in his first grade debut!

Episode #81 (16 Jul 2019): 3x09 - Cameron Munster Interview (1:01:38 min, 57.8 MB)
One of the best players in the world takes us through his personal rugby league journey, and shares how he's maturing as an NRL star. North Sydney Bears man and Golf Australia deputy editor Jimmy Emanuel plays co-host.

Episode #80 (9 Jul 2019): 3x08 - Robert Drane and Mike Eden (51:45 min, 60.7 MB)
A chat with Inside Sport stalwart Robert Drane about his days as a kid who moved to Sydney to follow St George. We also unearth a cool archive sound file featuring the great Mike Eden.

Episode #79 (5 Jul 2019): 3x07 - Alan Tongue Interview (29:07 min, 27.3 MB)
Former Canberra Raiders player Alan Tongue tells us all about his work for the NRL, especially his dedication to the Voice Against Violence campaign. He also shares a few great stories from his playing days, too.

Episode #78 (28 Jun 2019): 3x06 - Coogee Dolphins Special (33:36 min, 31.5 MB)
We chat with Alby Talarico about the mighty Coogee Dolphins, in particular the way the club rebuilt following the tragic events of 2002

Episode #77 (6 May 2019): 3x05 - Kezie Apps Interview (28:02 min, 26.3 MB)
One of the true stars of women's rugby league shares how she gives back to the footy community, and how her own rugby league journey began.

Episode #76 (10 Apr 2019): 3x04 - Greg Prichard Interview (34:39 min, 32.5 MB)
One of the true legends of Australian sports journalism shares his fondest memories of covering The Greatest game Of All.

Episode #75 (19 Mar 2019): 3x03 - Adrian Vowles interview (28:28 min, 26.7 MB)
The former Gold Coast Seagull and North Queensland Cowboy shares his rugby league journey, which featured a major highlight in 1999 when he claimed Super League's Man of Steel award.

Episode #74 (6 Mar 2019): 3x02 - George Rose interview (33:17 min, 31.2 MB)
NITV's Over The Black Dot panellist George Rose takes us through his role with the NRL and shares the highlights of his wonderful playing career.

Episode #73 (5 Feb 2019): 3x01 - NRL schedule ideas (46:28 min, 43.6 MB)
The NRL's season schedule is almost complete - all it needs now is ten pin bowling and talent shows... Welcome to our first show for 2019.

Episode #72 (4 Dec 2018): 2x42 - Rugby league things (1:19:33 min, 74.6 MB)
Our listeners tell us the most rugby league things they did in 2018, and share what they're most looking forward to league-wise for the coming season.

Episode #71 (21 Nov 2018): 2x41 - Ron Coote Interview (50:22 min, 47.2 MB)
The Honorary President and co-founder of the Men of League Foundation shares his experiences of rugby league in the 1960s and ‘70s playing for South Sydney, Eastern Suburbs and for his beloved Australian Kangaroos.

Episode #70 (13 Nov 2018): 2x40 - Footy players in real life (50:16 min, 47.1 MB)
So you're out and about, down the shops or wherever, and you see a footy star. Do you go up and say hello, or just leave them alone?

Episode #69 (7 Nov 2018): 2x39 - Retro rugby league hub (52:03 min, 48.8 MB)
Inside Sport has just launched a special place for lovers of retro rugby league to consume all of our interviews and online stories related to the '80s and '90s era of the game.

Episode #68 (25 Oct 2018): 2x38 - A Hero Returns (56:32 min, 53 MB)
Has Manly set the scene for other former rugby league heroes to return to their NRL clubs, or is this habit of hiring past legends something to avoid? Not sure if we solve this riddle, but we have a lot of fun talking about it.

Episode #67 (19 Oct 2018): 2x37 - Rugby league in 2032 (1:01:35 min, 57.7 MB)
There will be 22 teams in the NRL, the Adelaide Tiger-Sharks will meet the Perth Rooster-Bunnies in the grand final, and the NRL CEO will be Jarryd Hayne. Welcome to rugby league in 14 years' time.

Episode #66 (12 Oct 2018): 2x36 - Greatest rugby league books (1:09:12 min, 64.9 MB)
This week we are honoured to be joined by well-respected author Alan Whiticker, who kindly shares his rugby league writing journey with us.

Episode #65 (5 Oct 2018): 2x35 - There is no off-season (58:05 min, 54.5 MB)
Footy over for another year? Ha! Not by a long shot. This week we analyse the 2018 Grand Final action on and off the field. We also take a look at what else is happening in another never-ending rugby league year.

Episode #64 (26 Sep 2018): 2x34 - Mark Ella - Koori Knockout (1:05:35 min, 61.5 MB)
The NRL Grand Final isn't the only big league event on the calendar in late-September. This week, NITV Head of Sport and legendary Aussie sportsman Mark Ella takes us through NITV's relationship with the mighty Koori Knockout.

Episode #63 (19 Sep 2018): 2x33 - Farewell Sydney Football Stadium (1:20:54 min, 75.8 MB)
The SFS provided countless treasured memories for rugby league fans across its 30 years of service. Sit back as we relive The Footy Stadium's ultimate highlights. Plus, we check in on the NRLW with Women's Elite Programs manager Tiffany Slater.

Episode #62 (13 Sep 2018): 2x32 - Royce Simmons Interview (1:17:21 min, 72.5 MB)
One of the Penrith Panthers' favourite sons shares his memories of the club's historic 1991 grand final victory.

Episode #61 (6 Sep 2018): 2x31 - Mad Mondays (59:43 min, 56 MB)
Debate is raging over rugby league players and their end of season drinks sessions. Is the media getting too close, or is it the players' responsibility to ensure said media has nothing to report on?

Episode #60 (31 Aug 2018): 2x30 - Footy fan rules (1:07:13 min, 63 MB)
What are the rules surrounding footy fandom? For instance, when is it okay to boo your own team? Maybe the answer is never. One thing seems certain, though: verbal abuse of players, whatever the score line, is just not on.

Episode #59 (22 Aug 2018): 2x29 - Greatest Upsets (57:15 min, 53.7 MB)
Inspired by some stunning recent upsets in the modern NRL, we pay tribute to the all-time greatest boilovers in the 13-player code.

Episode #58 (15 Aug 2018): 2x28 - Greg Florimo interview (1:12:52 min, 68.3 MB)
The North Sydney legend shares his most treasured memories of running around in the famous black and red jersey, as well as his thoughts on the Bears of today and what form the club may take in the future.

Episode #57 (8 Aug 2018): 2x27 - Ben Ikin Interview (1:23:26 min, 78.2 MB)
Where to next for the Days Of Our Lives-inspired drama that is the Penrith Panthers coaching saga? We also have a chat to NRL 360 host Ben Ikin.

Episode #56 (3 Aug 2018): 2x26 - Players before our time (56:40 min, 53.1 MB)
In the traditions of the Immortals concept, don't you wish you saw Messenger, Burge, Brown and other superstars of the era in action? This week, we discuss the first wave of the game's greatest players.

Episode #55 (25 Jul 2018): 2x25 - The Jordan Mailata experience (1:06:21 min, 62.2 MB)
Imagine going from Under-20s Rabbitoh to Philadelphia Eagles NFL draftee. Here, the young Samoan-Aussie giant shares his amazing journey with us.

Episode #54 (19 Jul 2018): 2x24 - Local Juniors (1:06:53 min, 62.7 MB)
The heart of any rugby league club is its home-grown talent. This week we salute the sport's local youngsters and the support networks around them that keep the game alive.

Episode #53 (13 Jul 2018): 2x23 (1:20:16 min, 75.2 MB)
Steele Sports commentator Alby Talarico plays co-host this week as we wrap up Origin III. Meanwhile, former Illawarra player Brett Docherty relives the Steelers' famous pre-season win over a star-studded Brisbane Broncos side back in 1992.

Episode #52 (6 Jul 2018): 2x22 - Classic Roundtable (43:05 min, 40.4 MB)
Flashback to February 2017: Inside Sport is joined by Paul Langmack, Laurie Daley and Peter and Graeme Wynn for a chat about all things footy in this special edition of Dead In Goal thanks to Classic Sportswear.

Episode #51 (29 Jun 2018): 2x21 - To Denver via the Pacific (25:41 min, 24.1 MB)
Rugby league tried something different and produced one of the best weekends of footy we've seen in quite a while. This week we discuss the rep weekend and ponder where to from here for some of the game's newest and most exciting concepts.

Episode #50 (20 Jun 2018): 2x20 - Kevin Campion interview (1:14:04 min, 69.4 MB)
This week, for our toughest rugby league players edition, we catch up with Queenslander Kevin Campion, one of the toughest players to have ever laced on a boot.

Episode #49 (13 Jun 2018): 2x19 - Simply the best coaches (59:52 min, 56.1 MB)
Behind every champion team is a champion coach. This week we discuss the all-time great rugby league mentors, and their collective contribution to the game we love.

Episode #48 (8 Jun 2018): 2x18 - Origin dust settles (52:34 min, 49.3 MB)
With the rugby league world slowly getting back to normal following an enthralling State of Origin series opener, we analyse the MCG Mate vs Mate event in terms of its impact on the NRL landscape. We also test the “Melbourne as Origin host” temperature with our loyal listeners.

Episode #47 (1 Jun 2018): 2x17 - Origin Monster (1:04:28 min, 60.4 MB)
It's State vs State. Mate vs Mate. And it’s all the rugby league world can think about right now. Including us. Stand by for our take on State of Origin, 2018 style.

Episode #46 (23 May 2018): 2x16 - Fastest players of all time (52:38 min, 49.4 MB)
In celebration of the recent speedy exploits of Melbourne Storm flyer Josh Addo-Carr and Brisbane Bronco James "Jimmy The Jet" Roberts, we go searching for the all-time great rugby league princes of pace.

Episode #45 (15 May 2018): 2x15 - Team chemistry (1:04:05 min, 60.1 MB)
Succeeding in the NRL is about a lot more than signing up superstar players. It can all go horribly wrong if those star players don't gel together as a group of human beings...

Episode #44 (8 May 2018): 2x14 - Favourite rugby league grounds (1:02:34 min, 58.7 MB)
What makes a classic footy colosseum? Whether it’s an old-school grandstand, a hill drenched in the mid-winter sun or the meat pies and beer on offer, we discuss the all-time great places to watch the Greatest Game of All.

Episode #43 (26 Apr 2018): 2x13 - NRL themed rounds (50:22 min, 47.2 MB)
We already have Anzac Round, Women in League Round, Heritage Round and Indigenous Round to name a few, but we reckon there’s plenty of room for many more on the NRL calendar.

Episode #42 (19 Apr 2018): 2x12 - Talking the game up (1:02:13 min, 58.3 MB)
As negativity hits an all-time high in rugby league, we discuss the need for the game to focus on the good stuff, too. As long as we don’t get too precious about it all...

Episode #41 (12 Apr 2018): 2x11 - NRL crowds on the rise (50:36 min, 47.4 MB)
Despite reports of fans walking away from the game in droves due to the referees' crackdown on offside plays, attendances for NRL games are actually up on this time last year. We investigate why. We also discuss the rules surrounding the wearing of supporter jerseys.

Episode #40 (5 Apr 2018): 2x10 - League’s most historic moments (46:29 min, 43.6 MB)
As rugby league approaches its 110th birthday, come with for a stroll down memory lane as we recall some of the biggest moments in the history of the 13-man game.

Episode #39 (28 Mar 2018): 2x09 - Bending the rules (54:03 min, 50.7 MB)
In the midst of the #refsfault hysteria, we investigate the most effective ways rugby league teams operate outside the rules - and get away with it.

Episode #38 (21 Mar 2018): 2x08 - The Immortal Question (52:54 min, 49.6 MB)
The Immortals concept has changed shape slightly, and the NRL has itself a brand-new Hall of Fame. But is that enough to honour the best-ever people in rugby league? Our listeners chime in with their suggestions for new Immortals categories. Strap yourselves in...

Episode #37 (15 Mar 2018): 2x07 - Round One Premiers (51:27 min, 48.2 MB)
There was action aplenty in the opening week of the NRL. Which teams will build on their good start to the season, and who will ultimately prove that their round one effort was just a fluke?

Episode #36 (7 Mar 2018): 2x06 - We hate losing to... (58:23 min, 54.7 MB)
Every fan has that one team we just can’t stand being beaten by. With the 2018 season upon us, our listeners share the hate, if you like. We also run through our fail-safe ladder predictions for the year ahead.

Episode #35 (21 Feb 2018): 2x05 - Away Games (51:35 min, 48.4 MB)
Come with us as we explore the best and worst rugby league road trips on offer. Whether heading interstate, overseas or staying local, whatever happens on tour stays on tour.

Episode #34 (14 Feb 2018): 2x04 - Chatting with Nick Zisti (54:29 min, 51.1 MB)
Join us as we catch up with former Souths, Dragons and Sharks winger Nick Zisti, who shares his treasured memories of playing first grade across the 1990s.

Episode #33 (2 Feb 2018): 2x03 - Expansionist theories (43:22 min, 45.3 MB)
Where should rugby league expand to next? Returning to Perth seems a viable option, while a second Brisbane team also has popular support. Then there's the PNG question...

Episode #32 (25 Jan 2018): 2x02 - Indigenous league legends (43:22 min, 40.7 MB)
With the Australia Day/Invasion Day debate in full swing, we take this opportunity to discuss our listeners' all-time favourite Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rugby league players.

Episode #31 (19 Jan 2018): 2x01 - Rugby league's greatest myths (47:58 min, 45 MB)
From the Roosters' salary sombrero, to the theory that if Souths are going well, rugby league is going well, we explore the myths and beliefs that keep the anger flowing and the sport's conspiracy theorists running scared.

Episode #30 (13 Dec 2017): 1x30 - Salary cap scares (55:26 min, 52 MB)
Why are some NRL clubs always under the salary cap radar, while others escape scrutiny? Also this week, we run a critical eye over our successful - and often disastrous - 2017 predictions from our March magazine.

Episode #29 (6 Dec 2017): 1x29 (1:05:47 min, 61.7 MB)
Sydney Stadium debate

Episode #28 (22 Nov 2017): 1x28 (58:19 min, 54.7 MB)
New Zealand: where to now?

Episode #27 (15 Nov 2017): 1x27 (53:58 min, 50.6 MB)
We've arrived at the business end of the 2017 Rugby League World Cup. Which nations will be progressing to the semi-finals, and who will be flying home at the end of the weekend?

Episode #26 (26 Oct 2017): 1x26 - World Cup underway (1:04:03 min, 60 MB)
Sit back as we take you through the Official Rugby League World Cup Tournament magazine, put together by the Inside Sport team. Also up for discussion this week: Australia's footy "codewars".

Episode #25 (19 Oct 2017): 1x25 - Kangaroo Tour memories (59:06 min, 55.4 MB)
What do you remember most about Australia's jaunts to the United Kingdom and France in the glory days of international rugby league? Plus, how will the Roosters fit Cooper in their cap?

Episode #24 (6 Oct 2017): 1x24 - Storming into the World Cup (1:09:31 min, 65.2 MB)
With the NRL grand final won and done, there's still plenty for our panel to discuss as the Rugby League World Cup draws ever-nearer.

Episode #23 (28 Sep 2017): 1x23 - Moving the Grand Final (54:06 min, 50.7 MB)
Should the NRL's title-deciding match always be played in Sydney, or is it time to share the "Big Dance" love with other cities like Brisbane or Melbourne? Tune in to catch our debate, plus get all the latest opinion on this weekend's 2017 NRL Grand Final.

Episode #22 (21 Sep 2017): 1x22 - NRL Finals aren't Origins (1:07:52 min, 63.6 MB)
This whole "get behind your state's team" thing might work around Origin time, but NSW fans aren't like Queenslanders. Turns out not everyone in Sydney will be barracking for the Roosters in the finals...

Episode #21 (15 Sep 2017): 1x21 - Is it always the ref's fault? (1:10:17 min, 65.9 MB)
What if the players themselves were to blame for a loss? Nah, that's just crazy. This week we discuss this and other controversial theories leading into the second week of the 2017 NRL Finals Series.

Episode #20 (7 Sep 2017): 1x20 - Then there were eight (1:07:06 min, 62.9 MB)
Who will live to fight another week, and who will perish in what is shaping as yet another epic NRL Finals series? Our Dead In Goal team has all the answers... maybe.

Episode #19 (1 Sep 2017): 1x19 - NRL heads to Perth (55:24 min, 51.9 MB)
The Rabbitohs and Bulldogs will be hosting games in a double-header in Perth next year to open the new season. A good move with expansion in mind down the track, or a just another way to rob Sydney fans of quality footy?

Episode #18 (23 Aug 2017): 1x18 - NRL season too long? (57:55 min, 54.3 MB)
What happened to the good old days of two rounds of home and away? We debate this and many other rugby league topics on this week's show.

Episode #17 (16 Aug 2017): 1x17 - Hayne vs Henry (50:04 min, 46.9 MB)
Whose side are you on in rugby league's latest soap opera? Meanwhile, Billy Slater features on the cover of this month's Inside Sport.

Episode #16 (3 Aug 2017): 1x16 - Retro Round in the NRL (49:24 min, 46.3 MB)
Step back in time to the era of Tina Turner, Blocka and those beautiful old-school rugby league jerseys.

Episode #15 (27 Jul 2017): 1x15 - NRL Judiciary in the spotlight (1:17:50 min, 73 MB)
This week our rugby league team discusses the fallout from a controversial week for the tribunal. Also, come with us out to Newtown for a good ol' fashioned day at the footy - suburban style...

Episode #14 (19 Jul 2017): 1x14 - Cleary ready for Origin? (1:01:25 min, 57.6 MB)
This week James Smith and Jeff Centenera discuss the need for general change at the Blues. We also talk about the so-called toxic culture of NSW's most recent Origin preparation. Plus, we preview a huge weekend of match-ups across Women In League Round.

Episode #13 (13 Jul 2017): 1x13 - Queensland gives NSW the blues (56:48 min, 53.3 MB)
Queensland gives NSW the blues

Episode #12 (6 Jul 2017): 1x12 - Pay Dispute Blues (49:18 min, 46.2 MB)
This week our rugby league panel checks in on the RPLA's quest to win its players a greater share of ongoing revenue, plus we discuss whether Kevvie Walters has made the right choice in picking Hunt over DCE for Origin III. There's also a detailed Round 18 analysis plus much more.

Episode #11 (29 Jun 2017): 1x11 - Should the NRL shrink or expand? (1:04:38 min, 60.6 MB)
This week our rugby league geeks discuss the all-important issue of league expansion... and the polar opposite proposal of cutting Sydney-based clubs. Plus, we honour the great man that is veteran superstar Benji Marshall.

Episode #10 (23 Jun 2017): 1x10 - State of Origin II wrap (1:05:16 min, 61.2 MB)
This week our Inside Sport scribes discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of Queensland's series-levelling win. We also talk about the possibility of a draft system for NRL players. Plus, we analyse this weekend's NRL club matches.

Episode #9 (15 Jun 2017): 1x09 - State of Origin II Special Edition (1:04:42 min, 60.7 MB)
With the second game of the annual Mate vs Mate battle looming, our panel discusses the dumping of Queensland's loyalty policy, and we also ask whether NSW can repeat its dominant performance in the series opener.

Episode #8 (25 May 2017): 1x08 (57:17 min, 53.7 MB)
Boyd over Slater - what? Can Pearce stand up for the Blues? Is the Maroons' dynasty finally over? Plus all this week's match previews.

Episode #7 (18 May 2017): 1x07 (50:42 min, 47.5 MB)
The dive has got to go - what was DCE thinking? Mitch Moses joins the Eels - show some ticker son! Plus all this week's match previews.

Episode #6 (11 May 2017): 1x06 (53:50 min, 50.5 MB)
NRL in cocaine crisis? Who should replace Thurston for Origin opener? Foran finally signs with the Bulldogs. Plus we preview at all this weekend’s match-ups and name our heroes and zeros of the week.

Episode #5 (5 May 2017): 1x05 (41:47 min, 39.2 MB)
Did Gal dive? Good move to allow Fifita’s back in the Test side? Should the Aussies and Kiwis play the Anzac Test on Anzac Day? Plus we preview at all this weekend’s rep match-ups and name our heroes and zeros of the week.

Episode #4 (27 Apr 2017): 1x04 - The Bunker does it again... (53:06 min, 49.8 MB)
Who will says something the media can blow out of all proportion this time? The boys review round eight and look ahead to the weekend and see what controversies the Bunker can throw up this time.

Episode #3 (20 Apr 2017): 1x03 - NRL Round 8 Preview (54:55 min, 51.5 MB)
Should the Sharks be bagging Gus? The NRL schedule needs work, and should we be playing on ANZAC Day? Plus we preview at all this weekend’s match ups and name our heroes and zeros of the week.

Episode #2 (13 Apr 2017): 1x02 - NRL Round 7 Preview (53:16 min, 49.9 MB)
Will Foran join the Storm? The play the ball needs attention, and why are Sydney crowds so small? Plus we preview at all this weekend’s match ups and name our heroes and zeros of the week.

Episode #1 (7 Apr 2017): 1x01 - NRL Round Six Preview (1:01:49 min, 58 MB)
Who is Cronk quitting Melbourne for? Is it worth the hassle for Hasler? And what do you do if you get thumped by Storm? Plus we preview at all this weekends match up and name our heroes and zeros of the week.