Dylan Nappa

On January 10, several videos of Napa engaging in sexual intercourse with an unknown female were leaked to the media with Napa saying “Call me Big Papi” in the first video resulting in the phrase becoming a headline and meme for the following weeks.                            

More videos were released two days later which led to Napa approaching police and lawyers, ultimately discovering that the leak came from a WhatsApp group between Roosters Players.

Later it was reported by Fox Sports Australia that Dylan Nappa “was forced into the extraordinary move of dropping his trousers to prove to a Bulldogs official that it wasn’t him in the latest lewd video leaked on social media” and that “the Canterbury prop took the extreme step to prove he didn’t have a distinctive tattoo on his upper thigh, proving his innocence”

Bulldogs Mad Monday

Controversy surrounding the Bulldogs Mad Monday end of season celebration took over the NRL news cycle, with players being filmed dancing naked and vomiting on the street.

The incident sparked debate over the role the media played in exposing the story. Many believe that, while they behaved inappropriately, the venue was intentionally closed off from the public and it was only through the paparazzi stalking that the incident came to light. Others believe that regardless of the location, the players should be punished for their behaviour and tarnishing of the league's image.