Burgess is returning from suspension after a high shot on Canberra's Aiden Sezer.

Earlier this season the Englishman was banned for a elbow to the face of Canterbury flyer Josh Morris.

The forward has faced the judiciary many times in his colourful NRL career.

"I won't change too much," Burgess told reporters.

"Obviously I don’t want to be suspended so I’ve got to look at that. My intentions were always clear, my intentions weren’t bad when I tacked Sezer. It’s just unfortunate in a contact sport you go in pretty fast and pretty hard and things might happen.

"But I’ve got to try and adapt and look at ways of eliminating that out of my game. I just love playing the game. I understand I do play it close to the line at times but I never intentionally get suspended or hurt any other players.

"It’s been and gone now, I’ve learned a few things from it."