Smith played 56 Tests for the Kangaroos, winning two World Cups, and made a record 42 Origin appearances for the Maroons.

The hooker said he wants to spend more time with his family, and hopes the decision will also prolong his club career with the Melbourne Storm.

"The decision is a combination of the impact that representative football had on me and my family,” the 34-year-old told a press conference.

"It’s a decision that I did take a lot of time to come to but in the end the reasons for not playing on far outweighed reasons to play on this year. I feel really good. I feel happy. When I spoke to Kev about the decision it was almost as though a weight was off my shoulders.

"Last year, more than any other year, the Origin series in particular had an effect on me both physically and mentally. Looking back on it now I just don’t think that’s fair for myself, I don’t think that’s fair on my family and also my teammates back here at Melbourne Storm.

"I couldn’t back up after any of those Origin matches and maybe that was a sign there that it was time, because I have always been very proud of my ability to back up and it’s something I’ve looked forward to.

"There’s a few important things happening now with my family with school and with their junior sport that I miss out on. That’s a big sacrifice but it’s a bigger sacrifice for them."