Wighton has pleaded guilty to assault charges in the ACT Magistrates Court.

The Raiders said in a press statement: "Wighton has also made moves to engage with the victims of his offence in February, agreeing to Restorative Justice, which would allow him an opportunity to repair the harm done by his offence.

Canberra Raiders Chairman Dr Allan Hawke said the Canberra Raiders would continue to work with Wighton to ensure he's taking the appropriate measures in his rehabilitation, and the punishment handed down by the Board considered all factors involved.

"We will continue to work with Jack to help him address the issues he's facing, his welfare, his wellbeing and his rehabilitation," Dr Hawke said.

"Jack has already taken some positive steps in this process and we will continue to ensure he's doing everything he can to continue in this direction."

Dr Hawke said the Raiders would continue to take a strong stance on player behaviour, but were also mindful that every situation is different.

"We don't condone Jack's actions and we've been transparent and upfront during this whole process," he said.

"Our club has taken a strong stance on issues like this in the past and our track record on dealing with player behaviour is on the public record. After reviewing all of the facts surrounding this incident we firmly stand by our decision and the punishment handed down."