The Fijinian international was involved in a bust upĀ outside the Greenroof Hotel in Hamilton which began as shouting match before becoming physical.

Police are now investigating, said the Knights, and the 22 year old prop may also face disciplinary action by the club too.

"Saifiti was involved in a verbal altercation with a patron which was broken up by security," said a club statement. "Security staff acted appropriately and effectively.

"Subsequently, after Saifiti left the establishment, he and a man came together.Ā There was a push and shove which resulted in Saifiti suffering a punch.

Having fallen awkwardly as a result of the punch, Saifiti injured his leg and was transported to hospital by security staff."

The statement added: "The matter is now with the police.

"Given the facts, Saifiti may be subject to disciplinary action taken by the club at the appropriate time."