Now 28-years-old, if Ricciardo's going to make his big move, he's going to have to make it soon.

Currently the Aussie is Red Bull's number one driver, no easy feat for the competition's third-best team.

But as a first-rate driver currently slugging it out with 20-year-old sensation Max Verstappen in Red Bull's hierarchy, Ricciardo may be best served elsewhere.

Former Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg believes that may be Ferrari, telling Sky Sports that's where he'd go if he was Ricciardo.

"Where would I drive if I was Daniel Ricciardo?" he said on Sky Sports.

"I would go to Ferrari because he knows he can beat Vettel, and they have the best car at the moment."

When Kimi Raikkonen eventually leaves Ferrari, Ricciardo would be a sensible option for the Italian constructor. 

Watch this space.