Casey Dellacqua has opened up about her “normal” family life in the wake of tennis legend Margaret Court’s criticism of same-sex marriage.

Dellacqua, who has two young children with female partner Amanda Judd, has received widespread support since former world No.1 Court claimed the sport was “full of lesbians”.

Court had previously directly questioned Dellacqua’s personal life in a letter to a newspaper, but the current Australian No.4 in doubles has shrugged off the furore.

Dellacqua, who is still in contention in both the women’s and mixed doubles at the French Open, insists she does not think her family situation warrants any attention at all.

“Since I've had my family, I've been asked to do lots of stories. But, to me, I don't feel like it's a story because it's just my family and I'm just like your family,” the 32-year-old said.

"I don't want to stand up and be a poster girl for any of that stuff. That's the truth. I just feel like an everyday person doing the job that I love and I happen to have a couple of kids and that's my family — but I'm also extremely proud of my family,” Dellacqua added.

"I don't understand why it's a story. I don't even understand why people get so fascinated by the 'thing'."

Tennis stars, including openly gay Martina Navratilova, have called for Margaret Court’s name to be removed from the arena that hosts the Australian Open in Melbourne.

Court’s strong religious views mean she also refuses to fly with Qantas due to their support for same-sex marriage. But Dellacqua has offered her support for anyone battling to challenge that kind of mindset.

“I hope that if there are people out there and they are struggling with those issues, hopefully I can be a role model in that sense and they can see it's OK to be happy and be loved and in a loving relationship,” she explained. "I don't mean to normalise it but, to me, it's just normal.”