GRM will soon take delivery of an initial batch of 13 S5000 chassis from French manufacturer Onroak-Ligier. GRM will fit the specially developed 5.0-litre Ford V8 engine and Holinger gearbox driveline to the cars, and will be responsible for the fabrication of the suspension and wing package already developed for the category by noted Melbourne-based racing car engineering company, Borland Racing Developments. BRD is the manufacturer of the internationally successful Spectrum Formula Ford chassis.

While Borland Racing Developments will remain involved in S5000 ina  development role, ongoing parts support for the cars will be GRM’s responsibility.

“We saw the opportunity with S5000 to utilise the workforce that we have to produce a lot of the components that will go into each car," GRM’s Barry Rogers said.

“It will be a big task, but we will put the right processes in place in regards to the volume of components that you need. Without simplifying it, these cars are like big Meccano sets.

“The Onroak-Ligier chassis are supplied partially complete, the engines are a slightly modified ‘crate’ engine, which only need small modifications when they arrive in Australia, and the gearbox/transaxle comes complete from Holinger.

“Our fabrication department will be put under the pump but, because we’re not building new Supercars chassis, we believe that it is an achievable job and we’re looking forward to taking it on.

“In the mid 70s, I remember going to Calder Park with dad and I remember the 5000s' roar back then. Car racing is all about the senses, noise and flames – and there’ll be no better car than a S5000 to satisfy all of those senses.”

Next year’s six-round S5000 series kicks off at Sydney Motorsport Park on May 19.