Hannant played under Griffin at the Brisbane Broncos for four years from 2011 to 2014, but was let go by the coach and left the Broncos.

The 33-year-old attacked Griffin's ability as a coach and believes Penrith was right to remove him from his post.

"I'm surprised he lasted this long," Hannant told Triple M.

"I was coached by him for four years - I was surprised he actually got the job at Penrith. The four years I was under him at Brisbane, I thought he was a reserve grade coach at best.... I don't rate him as a good coach.

"I don't mean to be nasty. He was very good in that old-school way... but this is very professional now. Instead of just yelling or screaming, if there's a problem, solve the problem.

"There was a lot of times of a lot of yelling and screaming, or fines or things were going on in the system where it didn't look like we were going to progress any further in the system than we did."

Hannant said at Brisbane under Griffin players were too scared to speak up.

"There was no compromise there at all," he admitted.

"I think Penrith have made the right chance. Hopefully the shackles come off this team."