Reports in the media suggested Hasler was on the verge of being sacked due to the Bulldogs' poor form in 2017. 

The side has won just seven games this season, and need to claim victories in all of their remaining games to have a hope of reaching the finals. 

But Hasler insists the board meeting on Tuesday mentioned nothing about his immediate future at the club.

"It received more media focus than the G20. It was just a run of the mill board meeting discussing various issues and budgets, boring things like that," Hasler said on Wednesday. 

"At the same time you've also got to reflect and the group is very united.

"We know it's been an up and down year, we are six wins from making the finals and the players want to work really hard, particularly for the fans."

Hasler also hit back at former Bulldogs captain Michael Ennis, who suggested the two-time Premiership mentor should be cut. 

"People are entitled to comment and have an opinion," Hasler said.

"That particular set have to make comment. It's a democracy, you can express what you want.

"I think when you're looking from the outside in, you can't have that clarity. It's just an opinion."