John McEnroe says he would be keen to coach Australian bad-boy Nick Kyrgios – because they are both “head cases”.

Kyrgios recently blew up and destroyed his racket at the French Open during a defeat to Kevin Anderson and then admitted he had not been training properly due to the recent death of his grandfather.

McEnroe was the original ‘Superbrat’ on the men’s tennis circuit and believes he could offer the young Australian a lot of advice.

The former seven-time Grand Slam winner says he is more open to coaching one of the current crop of emerging talents given the fact many are now willing to get assistance on a part-time basis.

“The guy that would make the most sense on paper would be Nick Kyrgios because we are two head cases, but mentally we are a bit wacky,” McEnroe said.

“Athletically, you can see it’s there. He has the talent, you have to get yourself in great shape and mentally — it’s the biggest hurdle for anyone.

“When I watch him, I get really concerned as I have already seen it happen where he has gone off and disappeared in a match. These guys are so professional that you just can’t afford to not train as hard.

“I hope he can learn because he is young and people are trying to get behind him, the ATP Tour people are. I want it to happen.”