The NRL has confirmed to its clubs that they have $153 million to help financially assist each team as the competition is grounded by the effects of COVID-19. 

The governing board agreed with all sides that they will be given funding of $1.2 million per month until the situation settles down, though that date is more of a possibility than a probability at this stage in time.

Those involved in the game and fans alike are genuinely worried that the code does not have enough funds to survive this troubling time.  

Battling financial issues are the main concern for the competition and footy clubs. AFL players have agreed to take a 50% pay-cut until May 31. Though NRL clubs are trying to figure out ways to avoid a situation like that to further support their players. 

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg told 10 News First that he remained optimistic about the game resuming this season. Though continued to remain realistic about the challenge ahead. 

“We’re facing an incredible crisis across our community, so we’re focused on that.

“We’re a big industry, but there will be a big reset of our cost base," he continued.  

“If our revenues drop, we have to be realistic.”

Greenberg will meet with Rugby League Players Association CEO Clint Newtown and have discussions about protecting player salaries, though sacrifices may be expected.

Fox Sports reporter James Hooper stated that the NRL have tabled plans to team bosses on how the competition's structure could be reshaped if it resumes at any point between June and September. 

The Daily Telegraph has even reported that if the NRL cannot get matches started by September the entire season will be voided. 

If the game can go ahead by at the latest September, a 15 round restructure has been mentioned to the clubs. 

The NRL's future will continue to be challenged as new problems are faced during the coronavirus epidemic. 

At the moment there are more questions than answers and footy fans will have to remain patient.