The NRL’s innovation committee Project Apollo announced that the competition intends to resume in late May after being grounded just first two rounds into the season. 

After being approved by the NSW government, the major hurdle to overcome is relocating teams outside the state.

The first challenge facing the NRL is getting Auckland-based New Zealand Warriors into the country. but Prime Minister Scott Morrison has hinted the side could be granted an exemption to rejoin its rivals.

"Now if there is any country in the world with whom we can reconnect with first, undoubtedly that’s New Zealand,” Morrison said.

The Warriors will need an exemption by the Australian Border Force, though this has already been granted to some international travellers.

“That is an area that I think we can look potentially favourably on, provided all the other arrangements are in place regarding public safety,” Morrison told reporters.
After the Kiwis announced that they will ease restrictions next week, which will allow people to return to work, Australian Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton admitted New Zealand  is low risk, though two-week isolation periods will still be in effect.
Dutton doubled down on the government's support of the Warriors ambitions during an interview on 2GB. 
“The Warriors would come into NSW or wherever it was, Queensland, they would have to go through the two weeks isolation as would be the case for anybody," Dutton said. 
Though seemingly promising for the side, the Warriors have yet to guarantee their involvement until the NRL answers their pressing questions. 
Queries surrounding the structure of the competition, player remuneration and if families are permitted to join are burdening the club and its players.

But the NRL seems confident the sole overseas-based side will play as they are currently investigating whether the Warriors will be allowed to train together in isolation, as opposed to current self-iso rules.

All teams have been told they will be expected to resume training on May 4 and will be provided with updated health and safety regulations by the end of the week.