Canberra were pipped 30-28 by Newcastle yesterday, the exact same score they lost to Gold Coast in round one.

In 2017 the Raiders lost numerous games by tight margins and several in golden point.

Stuart said he doesn't know why his team can't get over the line in close matches, but defended the committment of his players.

"It’s not all about next week," he said.

"Every game is a really important game obviously, but it’s not all about next week. It’s about making sure we don’t lose all that effort and the desire that’s there. It’s just not happening for us at the moment. There’s little pieces of play that aren’t going our way at the moment.

"If they do go our way we’re sitting there in the change rooms a lot happier. If we win that game by two or four points do I have to talk differently to the team after the game? If we lose it by two points do I have to talk differently after the game?

"I mean the effort’s there, the contribution from individual’s is there. So I can’t go off on any sort of tangent and want to be ripping people’s heads off because I’m upset about losing the game. Because I’ve got to be smart and understanding of what the players are going through.

"It’s a difficult situation when it is continually happening. If it was there for everyone to see exactly what it is, you’d be telling me [why]."

Stuart is confident the Green Machine can turn their season around.

"It was a tough game, both sides took their opportunities when they had to," he said.

"It was a very, very tight game. 100% We’ll turn it around."