According to The Daily Telegraph, Origin has lost 2.54 million viewers since 2012, a massive 21% of the audience across the country.

The combined ratings for all three games in 2018 have dropped 12.7% compared to the 2017 figures.

This year Game II was played on a Sunday night, instead of a Wednesday.

Queensland's Game III victory was watched by 1.77 million viewers, the first two the metropolitan audience has fallen below two million in eight years.

NRL boss Todd Greenberg said he was not disappointed with the ratings.

"I think in aggregate we'll have nearly nine million people watching the three Origin games," he said.

"It's the highest-ranking TV programs this year. We had more than 200,150 people through turnstiles - 90,000 in Melbourne almost, more than 80,000 in Sydney and more than 50,000 last night.

"Anyone who doubts the success or strength of Origin clearly is not watching it or hasn't been to it."