The Raiders went down to Cronulla 28-4 despite holding a 22-6 lead at half-time.

The Bunker controversially overturned an on-field decision of 'no try' for Sione Katoa's score in the second half.

The NRL has admitted that the touch judge who raised his flag in the lead-up to Katoa's try, which led to the referee calling 'knock on' and the Canberra players stopping, was wrong to do so and claimed the incident will be reviewed.

It will be cold comfort for Stuart who said after the game: "This is why people are turning off rugby league. And it's sad because I don't blame the referees, they have a very, very tough job.

"But too many voices around them are making it too hard for them. I believe we've got very, very competent referees, and the training and the work they do in regards to preparation for getting ready for a game is as professional as can be.

"[But] we have too much noise, we have too many people around them not letting them do their job. And for one, the Bunker is a waste of time. For the referees to be able to use it as a tool for a, I don't know, is wrong.

"All this rot started round one this year... I don't know who came out and told the referees they had to come in and pick on everything in regards to the 10-metre rule, interpretation of the ruck, all the work on the ground, hands on the ball, start nit-picking at little bits of pieces of play.

"But we've ruined the first 14 rounds of the competition. We've lost fans, I know so many people who have turned off rugby league because of it. But then halfway through the year Todd [NRL boss Todd Greenberg] comes out and says he told the referees to stop nit-picking.

"We're the only sport in the world that changes interpretations midway through the year."