Bernard Tomic has been fined almost $20,000 for unsportsmanlike behavior at Wimbledon.

The Australia was punished by the Grand Slam Committee after he admitted feigning injury during his first round defeat against Mischa Zverev.

Tomic said he pretended to have a back injury in order to slow down the game – although he still went down in straight sets.

The committee worked with Wimbledon tournament referee Andrew Jarrett before setting the fine at US$15,000 ($19,745).

The maximum punishment for the offence is US$20,000, which has only been issued once – to Fabio Fognini in 2014 for a series of outbursts against the umpire.

Tomic earned $59,000 in prize money for losing to Zverev – and later caused controversy when he admitted he was “bored” during the match.

To add to Tomic’s woes, his racquet sponsor Head have announced they will discontinue their relationship with the Australia and added that the company was “extremely disappointed” with his post-game comments.