Slipper is one of the more high-profile busts under Rugby Australia's drug-testing policy, which offers a two-strike series of consequences. This is Slipper's second positive test. 

Under the arrangements, Slipper's case will now be referred to a tribunal which will determine a mandatory period of inelligibility. 

Rugby Australia Chief Executive, Raelene Castle, said the outcome was unfortunate for the competition and the player. 

"We are extremely disappointed to be in this position today with one of our most senior international players having submitted two positive tests for cocaine.

“We are fully aware that James is dealing with very significant personal issues and we have been working with him since February on these matters. We are ensuring that James is receiving full help and support, including specialist medical treatment.

 “James has expressed his sincere remorse for his actions and for placing himself, Rugby Australia and the Reds in this very difficult situation. It is an incredibly challenging time for him and his family and our immediate focus is on James’ health and wellbeing while he undertakes an enforced period away from the sport."