Session 3 is our halfway mark of the summer and we hold it to heart to make it as special as possible! Even with a few inclement weather days on the glacier, the week overflowed with everything we cherish about summer snowboard camp—friends, slush, park laps, and dreamy turns down a lengthy run. With the multitude of snowboarding stars that came out for the Drink Water Rat Race and Signature Session™ Pros Curtis Ciszek, Austin Smith, Tim Eddy, Bryan Fox, and Spencer O’Brien, Mt. Hood radiated with an extra-marvelous snowboarding presence. It wasn’t the Session 3 we expected, but it was one we couldn’t help loving!

Featuring the snowboarding of Freddy Perry, Brendon Rego, Luke Patrick, Joey Fava, Jack Harris, Gabe Ferguson, Max Lyons, Dru Brownrigg, Max Warbington, Alex Rodway, Mike Ravelson, Pete Limberg, Luke Winkelmann, Shaun Murphy, Pat Fava, Christian Hobush, Jesse Paul, and Jed Sky.

Filmed: Tyler Orton, Seamus Foster, Brent McCarron, and Jacob Howell.

Edit: Tyler Orton