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Sportscover is the leading sports and leisure services provider in the world, providing unrivalled expertise across insurance, risk management, legal services and live streaming.

Sportscover Australia chief executive Simon Allatson says: “With offices in London, Sydney, Melbourne and partners worldwide, we have the global reach and experience to provide the right solution for your sports and/or leisure business.

“It is our passion for sport and leisure together with our focus on providing excellent customer service that has enabled Sportscover to grow to become the force in sport and leisure services that it is today.

“If we deliver on our promise to you, then we will have moved closer to the realisation of our vision: to be the company of choice for the sports and leisure market through unrivalled expertise, innovation, partnerships and exceptional customer service.

“The Clubbies Awards are important to us because we understand and recognise the importance of clubs in making sport available to all Australians. Most of our people have been, or are, members of clubs. Sponsoring the awards enables us to acknowledge that, without clubs, we couldn’t play our sport. It also enables us to say ‘thank you’ to all the hard-working Australians who contribute to this country’s great network of sports clubs.

“As well as thanking you for providing us the opportunity and privilege of insuring your club, as chief executive of Sportscover, I extend a personal invitation for you to contact me at any time if you ever have an issue with the service and cover we provide.

“Best of luck to all who enter the 2019 Sportscover Clubbies Awards!”

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The Confederation of Australian Sport (CAS) was established in 1976 to advance the interests of the Australian sports community and to give the industry a united voice in discussions and negotiations with governments and key stakeholders.

Their aim is to contribute to the development of a society in which the social, economic and health benefits of widespread participation in sport and recreation are recognised and valued.

“Through the promotion of participation in sport and physical activity, CAS aims to improve the health and well-being of individual Australians, and to maximise the sport and leisure industry’s contribution to the Australian economy,” says CAS chief executive Rob Bradley.

In a recent study, CAS reported that sport’s value in dollar terms to the nation was “dramatically underestimated” – an economic contribution of $22 billion every year, which was 17 times the combined federal and state government funding of $1.3 billion. It further stated that the nation’s sport system had a critical role to play in meeting the challenge of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and mental illness.

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Wherever there is team sport, there is Canterbury teamwear.

Canterbury teamwear is not your usual made to order kit. Developed using insights from our global ambassadors and teams, and created using the same unique technology and specialised fabrics, this kit allows you and your team to outplay the final whistle and outperform the toughest of competition.

Called upon during WW1 to create troop uniforms for both the Australian and New Zealand Armies, Canterbury has long understood the need to develop the toughest uniforms and kit imaginable. Attention to detail paired with rigorous on-field testing, customer and player understanding and the highest level of durable design technologies has made Canterbury one of the most reliable trailblazers in global sport to date.

Strength, passion, trust and resilience are the pillars on which sport in Australia has been built - they’re fostered by clubs and teams at local grassroot level, all the way to international leagues and are proudly engrained in the Canterbury philosophy. Investing in these pillars at the grassroots will continue to put Australia on the sporting map. Be it on the field or court, the sideline or in training, we can help provide you and your team with everything you need for success in the game.

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Bauerfeind Australia sets itself apart with its modern solutions in the sports performance and medical aid industry that enable an active and pain-free life, whether it’s with a support or an orthosis, with medical compression stockings or orthopedic foot orthoses.

Previously available to elite athletes and health professionals, Bauerfeind is now available in Australia. Giving everyday Australian athletes access to Bauerfeind’s medical line of sports supports, compression stockings and recovery orthoses. Unique to Australia, Bauerfeind provide state of the art 3D body measuring technology using the Bodytronic 600 system to help ensure the perfectly sized product is selected and has the maximum positive affect in your daily life.

Exclusively made in Germany and are partly manufactured by hand before being sent all over the world. All of our products fulfill the most stringent requirements in terms of quality, effectiveness, and wearing comfort. This is confirmed by regular inspection procedures, for which Bauerfeind are permitted to bear the seals and marks after successful testing.

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