Inside Sport has partnered with SPRNT for the 2017 Clubbies Awards.  We know how difficult it is to raise the funding needed to run a sustainable sports club and the SPRNT platform is a funding platform for everyone in sport, from grassroots to professional.

Inspired by crowdsourcing, SPRNT offers athletes, teams and associations the chance to raise funds by selling Supporter Packs (merchandise, experiences or sponsorship) on SPRNT.

Each SPRNT has a cash target and a time limit (up to 50 days) set by the SPRNT creator.

During this time the SPRNT creator spreads the word about their campaign, and supporters simply register and place an order to support the SPRNT.

All SPRNT campaigns must set a funding goal and a time limit to raise their funds – and if the SPRNT fails to raise its funding goal in time, no money changes hands.

Find out more at www.SPRNT.com.au

Check back here soon for some exciting opportunities to play a part in celebrating our backyard legends…!

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