Cronk signed with the Sydney Roosters last month after confirming he would be leaving the Storm at the end of the 2017 NRL season. 

While there were rumours Cronk was going to retire, he elected to continue playing on beyond this year. 

And while Bellamy is not looking forward to coming up against Cronk in 2018, there is no bad blood between player and club.

“I don’t particularly like him playing for another team, but at the end of his day it’s his decision on what is best for him and what he wants to do,” Bellamy said.

“He’ll always have my support and the club’s support in whatever he wants to do; he has been a wonderful player and a wonderful person at our club.

“I would have preferred that he didn’t (play on), but I can understand why he has as you’re a long time retired.

“He obviously wanted to play on and that’s how it has worked out."