Milford is about to sign a $900,000 a year contract but the jury is out on whether the talented half has the commitment to become a true great of the game.  

Speaking on Fox Sports’ NRL 360, Paul Kent said Marshall was disappointed in Milford’s lacklustre attitude at Red Hill.

“He’s a guy that goes in, gets down on the machines in the gym and if you’ve got to do 10 and nobody’s watching, he pumps out eight because nobody’s watching,” Kent said.

“Benji Marshall’s horrified by it. It’s not good enough.

 “He’s a guy who enjoys his off-season, he generally comes back and his skinfolds give the medical staff a heart attack,” Kent declared.

“He’s also a guy who has lazy habits in the gym and he has to play himself fit.

“Now, he’s going to have a career has an NRL player, there’s no doubt about that.

 “ ... He’s not at his best now, but he’s not as good as he could be now if he trained harder.”