Gallen, who managed one series triumph over 11 years, points to the loss of Greg Inglis, Corey Parker, Matt Scott as well as the likely unavailability of Johnathan Thurston as the catalyst for an impending NSW series win.

He said the top form of this classy Blues side means NSW finally have a squad to be very confident about.  

"I just think Queensland's time is up," the former Blues captain told Sky Sports Radio on Tuesday.

"The side that Queensland have been able to pick over the last 10 years, you just looked at it and it's just been the best player in the best positions, in-form, playing really, really well.

"I just think the look of this side this year compared to last year, they've just lost so much experience and talent - Inglis, Scott, Parker and obviously Thurston probably not playing.

"That's four big outs to have in this side, particularly a side that's been so consistent over the past 10 years.

"I just think it's NSW's time and I think you'll see the tide really turn."

Gallen said he could see Queenslad’s dominance slipping during his final series in 2016. 

"They're relatively experienced now, this NSW side. I think everyone's in really good form," he said.

"They've (Queensland) just stuck with the side from last year that got the job done in the first two games.

"While Queensland have had this dominance, the majority of the games have been so, so close.

"That's why I think they've come to the end of their run and NSW and this young group of guys, along with this group with experience in there, are just going to take over."