And that is saying a lot considering Johnson enjoyed the best form of his career under the former Australian captain.

Johnson said the wheels started to fall off following the retirement of Ricky Ponting in late 2012.

“The dynamics definitely changed. It became more groups in the team. It wasn’t a team as so. There was different little factions going on and it was very toxic,” Johnson told Fox Sports.

“It (the toxic culture) just built very slowly but everybody could see it, everybody could feel it.

“Nothing was being done at that time, so it wasn’t a very enjoyable place to be and you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself when you’re playing for your country.

“It was a pretty bad experience, bad time, a couple of us didn’t want to play. Even some of the young guys coming through could see it a mile away and they didn’t enjoy it, they said ‘state cricket’s so much more fun.’”