The wake of the ball-tampering scandal seems to be on pause, while Cricket Australia quietly flounders into a quagmire of its own making. 

Darren Lehmann appears to have avoided the axe - for now - as have the rest of the side and coaching staff, who apparently had no idea the cheating was occurring. 

The Cricket Australia board have remained relatively silent, laying low in their Melbourne hideout until it all blows over. But the first real casualty of the affair, besides Steve Smith's captaincy, may be David Warner.

Warner, Cameron Bancroft and Smith were supposedly the only Australian cricketers aware, and speaking to the ABC, Maxwell said the reverend's temporary hieratical nature was long gone and he may never play for Australia again.

"I would have a feeling that beyond any ban, he may never play for Australia again out of all this, because he's so much on the nose with the players and probably the public as well," he said.

"Who would have thought that a few weeks ago, when he had all the boy scout badges on him after captaining the T20 side and he seemed to be the clean-skin?

"But I'm afraid the leopard spots came back in the past couple of weeks and I think he's the main problem at the moment with the side in terms of its attitude."

The bloodthristy cricket community may have to hold someone accountable for the saga. Warner may just be the only option left.