The new salary cap for all clubs in BBL|08 will be $1,770,000, up from $1,600,000 in BBL|07 in response to each club playing an additional four matches this season.

The minimum retainer for players will also increase from $30,000 in BBL|07 to $34,079 in BBL|08

Under the new deal, the salary in BBL|09 will now be $1,820,000, BBL|10 will be $1,860,000, while BBL|11 will be $1,900,000.
The full package will be:

Big Bash League also revealed to a change to BBL player contract rules on the replacement of overseas players.
Clubs are still entitled to have a maximum of two overseas players on their 18-man rosters and can  nominate an additional two overseas players as potential replacements throughout the course of the BBL|08 season.
In previous seasons, overseas players were only eligible to be replaced by another if they were unavailable for matches due to either Home Board commitments or injury.

A new rule change will be piloted from BBL|08 onwards where clubs can now apply to replace an overseas player for any reason, but will need to be approved by the BBL Technical Committee.