On the first day of pre-season training, in November 2017, Perrett collapsed from heatstroke while undertaking a time trial run.

The 23-year-old was rushed to Mona Vale Hospital and was in a coma.

"When I woke up in hospital, I was told by doctors that I was lucky to be alive,'' Perrett said.

"I was seconds off death. I was in a coma for a day or so."

Now married and a father, Perrett has added responsibilities off the field as well as his ones on the field.

"I feel like I have changed massively as a person especially when I consider what happened this time last year with my body," the forward admitted.

"It didn't register at the time it happened but when I did feel the effects of it, I realised that my body wasn't in good shape to play this year.

"I still had the love for the game and I tried my best for Manly, but it was just hard when you know your body is not physically there."

Perrett is off-contract at the end of 2019 and desperate to win a new deal with the Sea Eagles.

"When I realised how close I was to losing everything that I had and loved, it was very scary and it does drive you,'' he said.

"I have to make the most of this second opportunity I've been given. I have to work hard, train hard, play hard, and then the rest will come. I know it will."