The Bulldogs had an 8-3 penalty count against them and lost the game in the final minute after Moses Mybe was sin-binned and the Broncos nailed a penalty goal.

Pay described some of the officiating as "disgraceful" and said the two-point defeat was "heart-breaking".

"There was a lot of decisions out there that went against us. A lot," he said after the game.

"We shouldn’t have even been in that position. We get two penalties in the first 10 minutes and then it’s 8-1.Of course its heartbreaking. I’ve got a group of blokes here who busted their arse tonight. And to be decided like that is ridiculous. What do I say to them?

"It’s like we’re not supposed to win.We defended our goal-line really well and that just shows the commitment of the boys. The way that he [the referee] speaks to my players as well. It was just one decision after another."

Pay said he will contact the NRL about the refereeing of the game but admitted "it doesn't help us".

"I’ll follow up with them and they’ll say they got it wrong, and they’ll just move on," he said.

"It doesn’t help us. We’re trying to win a game of footy here and get our season back going forward again, and it’s decided like that."