Reynolds' future was been hangin gin the balance for the last nine weeks since police launched an investigation into assault allegations against him from ex-girlfriend Arabella Del Busso.

Today though NSW police confirmed they were dropping all charges against the five-eighth.

The move comes at a perfect time for Reynolds on the eve of the new NRL season, which saw him play last weekend in a trial match.

Today Reynolds celebrated the news and thanks his club and the NRL for standing by him during the process, which saw him NOT being stood down unlike other players facing similar allegations.

"The last nine weeks since I was charged have been one of the most tumultuous and difficult periods of my life," he said this afternoon.

"During this time my personal life was aired to the public and most importantly my character and principles were questioned.


"Whilst I am relieved, I believe the charges against me should never have been brought. I was always an innocent man and I am happy the legal system has proved this.

"I am relieved I can now get on with my life and move forward."

He added: "I would like to thank my mum for always standing by me. I love you.

"I would Like to thank my manager George and Lawyer Dan for never losing faith in me and standing by me through some of my darkest moments.

"I would also like to thank my family and closest friends who have showed great strength and support for me throughout this time. I wouldn't have got through this without you.

"I would also like to thank the fans who never doubted my true character.

"I am glad Todd Greenberg, the NRL and Wests Tigers stood by me through this saga and their support was important to me.

"I am looking forward to getting stuck into footy and giving my all for my team mates and club in 2020."