“What we are in Mountainwear is exploration – we strive to be the adventure, the fun,” says Christophe Bouvier, the Head of Mountainwear for Rip Curl. “For a while there we lost our way. We were trying to appeal to the rail jams and the half pipes and the new generation that was chasing time in the park. And it didn’t work.

“But our foray into the other aspects of snow reminded us who we are, and where we came from. We were born out of the desire to Search, and that’s what we remain true to today.

“We want to provide the ultimate equipment for the snow lover who feels the urge to explore, who wants to drop down the backside of a mountain in a foreign country, and feel prepared.

“That’s why, to celebrate 30 years of experience in the snow industry, we created what we think is the Ultimate Search Outfit.”


Rip Curl’s 30 Years of Moutainwear experience has created the most technically savvy outerwear we have seen to date. The suit has all the new bells and whistles of the 21st Century, like an avalanche airbag and integrated heating system. This is guaranteed to turn heads. 

As our Editor Ryan Tiene puts it. "Lets be honest I wouldn’t of been caught dead in this 10 years ago! but I'm a Dad now and I like fact that I would never be cold, and now that I am afraid of everything I can just blow the airbags at any stage. A few hooligans going fast in a slow zone! Bang, pop the air bags, I’m safe! Straight to the bottom of the hill for some chips and gravy and there is no better suit then this for a few afternoon beers on the patio."


Designed and developed in the French Alps, by riders for riders.

The Most Innovative One Piece on the market. Inspired from our wetsuit technology, the «Ultimate Search Suit Zip Free» is the most comfortable product of its kind: Lightweight, Ultra-Breathable (40K), and Hyper-Stretch.

The Collar entry system, inspired by the army’s bullet-proof vests, gives it a perfect fit, enveloping your upper body and allowing the craziest moves while avoiding the bouncing of a classic backpack.

Years ago, Rip Curl was the first brand to introduce a warming system into their clothing. It’s back, with a new battery technology to keep you warmer, longer. The element is inserted in the back of the Polartec fleece, the adjustable battery is stored in the side pocket. 

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