What makes us buy that plane ticket, drive that extra 100 kilometers and find ourselves in places where we don’t understand a word on the menu at the local restaurant? If it’s not just that perpetual quest for a perfect powder run or a sweet backcountry kicker… what makes us go?


As the Rip Curl crew found out in Chile, it’s not just about riding down a mountain. It’s about the journey as a whole. It’s about experiencing how other people get to enjoy the same passion in other places, with more or less adversity, better or worse conditions, and terrain that ranges from a 300-metre anthill to a 3000-metre peak.




Traveling doesn’t always get you perfect powder or amazing runs, but it makes snowboarding/skiing that much more meaningful, and it carves the memories deeper in our minds. La Puesta Del Sol, which means “the sunset” in Spanish, is all about the experience, the fun, the sun and… the feeling that you get as you wake off from the top of an skyscraper in a helicopter bound for the unknown.

Welcome to Rip Curl’s latest episode of #TheSearch, La Puesta Del Sol.

Join the crew and become a part of #TheSearch when you head over here for the full interactive experience. #TheSearch