Cricket Australia say a desire for gender equality is behind their decision to drop the name Southern Stars as the official title of the women’s national team.

The current world No.1 side and reigning World Cup champions will now no longer have a name.

"This move may appear symbolic, but it does carry considerable weight," Cricket Australia chairman David Peever said. "Cricket cannot hope to be a sport for all Australians if it does not recognise the power of words, and the respect for women that sits behind such decisions.”

The move is believed to have been made after Carnival Cruise Line chairwoman Ann Sherry raised concerns at a conference involving CA last year.

While fans and the media are still likely to use the nickname Southern Stars, a new logo will be designed removing the words from the team’s official kit.

"We are not dropping the Southern Stars, a wonderful brand that our cricketers have created and which will remain as an alternative name for the team," Peever added.

"But the new naming convention demonstrates that Cricket Australia is looking at all the ways in which it operates to ensure we can meet the ambition of being a sport for all."